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â–¶ This Photobook is authorized by Big Hit Entertainment.

Regular Purchase: $65 ($45 + $20 (tax, shipping,and handling))

PRE-ORDER Promotion Price:
$55 (tax, shipping, handling included)

The 140-page photobook will be filled with photos taken on stage, backstage plus special photos from "MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS" that aired on Feb. 24, 2021, and the "2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS" which was held on Dec. 12, 2020

2nd PRE-ORDER Date: March 30th - April 2nd, 2021
Starting at 3/30 - 8:50 PM (PST), 11:50 PM (EST)
Ends at 4/2 - 8:50 PM (PST), 11:50 PM (EST)

Countries & Territories Eligible to Purchase:
※ For the 2nd PRE-ORDER, only the countries above can buy!

  1. Officially distributed Brand New & Original item from Manufacturer, "THE FACT"
  2. All items and features from original manufacturers are delivered in original sealed package condition
  3. All ordered item will be shipped with a tracking number


[Updated March 31, KST]

As fans flooded with requests to extend the sales period of the [BTS THE FACT PHOTOBOOK SPECIAL EDITION: WE REMEMBER],
LIVECON.tv has decided to have a 2nd PRE-ORDER sale for 3 days only from from Mar. 30th to Apr. 2nd, 2021!(EST)
It is the last chance to purchase at the same price (55USD) before regular sales.

[Updated March 17, KST]

Customers can track their shipping updates via their email and at “MY TICKETS” page.
Regular sale schedule will be announced soon.
**The official provider for [THE FACT BTS PHOTOBOOK SPECIAL EDITION : WE REMEMBER] in North and Latin America is LIVECON.tv only.
Please be advised, purchasing through other vendors besides LIVECON.tv may cause unexpected problems**

[Updated March 16, KST]

Only one day left to pre-order!
Pre-order sale ends at Mar.16 20:50(PST), 23:50(EST)

[Updated March 9, KST]

  • For "Address Change" and "Recipient's Name Change," please sign-in and re-enter your new information at "MY TICKETS" page.
  • For "Cancellation", please go to PayPal "Movement" page, click on the payment you wish to be reimbursed for, and request a "Refund".
  • For "Quantity Change", just like cancellation, you will have to visit PayPal and request a "Refund" first and re-order your purchase with the changed quantity at LIVECON.tv.
  • Please note, the process may take 3-4 Business Days after your request for the order to be cancelled.
  • Here’s an instruction on how to cancel your order.https://han.gl/Nvy5s

[Update March 4, KST]

  • Due to high volume of visitors, there was a system error that occurred and some of the customers’ addresses were indicated differently at “MY TICKETS”
  • We are in the process of resolving this as quick as possible and we will notify you via email as soon as it has been resolved.

[Update March 3, KST]

  • To reduce the shipping cost for our customers, LIVECON is scheduled to ship all ordered items at once to the warehouse in the USA first and will sequentially be delivered to your homes via UPS or USPS.
  • All shipping address change/cancellation/quantity change will be available at Mar. 8th 20:50(PST) 23:50(EST) at LIVECON.tv!
    Due to packaging reasons, the special poster(Unfolded) will be packaged and shipped separately and will not be available for the photobook PRE-ORDER at this moment. However, LIVECON.tv will be making the special poster sale announcement shortly.


Photobook: 140p (Hardcover - 8.7 x 12 Inch)

Photocard: 32p (4 Sets x 8 Photocards - 4.3 x 6 Inch)

Poster: 1x Folded (Landscape - 20.4 x 14 Inch)

Print Photo: 5p (A4 Size - 8.3 x 11.7 Inch) 

Special Poster(Optional): 1x Unfolded (Landscape - 20.4 x 14 Inch)
※ An additional $20 will be charged for the unfolded poster and will be delivered separately from Korea in a paper case. Due to packaging reasons, the special poster(Unfolded) will be packaged and shipped seperately. This will not be available for the photobook PRE-ORDER. However, LIVECON.tv will be making special poster sale announcement shortly.


The product will be manufactured in Korea and will be shipped all at once to the warehouse in U.S. at the end of March. (Approximately 3 ~ 4 weeks)

After the product arrives at our US warehouse, it will be delivered individually through UPS or USPS. (10 ~ 14 business days)

Please take into consideration that due to prolonged pandemic, some areas may take additional time for delivery and processing.


Cancel request must be made during the 14 days of PRE-ORDER period.

After your order is placed, the product is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please be discreet when placing your order.


Exchange request can be made only for damaged, incomplete products(verification required) and must be made within 7 days of the date you have received your order.

Please check LIVECON.tv for more details on Exchange policy after the end of PRE-ORDER period.

Refund is only available within the PRE-ORDER period.
※ Important: Your order is shipped once your payment has been cleared. Please contact '[email protected]' if you would like to request an exchange or return on your order.

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You can purchase it in a while.

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